Our Coxis Table is specially designed for your recovery after cosmetic surgeries. Wearing Our Coxis Table supports back molder inside liposuction compression garments will ensure the recovery success of a BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift), back liposuction or lipo procedure, they're an essential complement in postoperative success. This bbl lumbar board is a breathable and firm material with an inner layer of hypoallergenic cotton, Its ergonomic design allows the skin to re-adhere to the muscle and prevents water retention in this area.

Also is the best alternative when you need extra support on your back, after an aesthetic procedure.


This lumbar board has soft seams that won't markyour skin and will protect your lower back from prolonged recovery period of time might bring.

Wear your favorite outfits while also having the flattening effect with our variety support boards ( Pear and Butterfly Abdominal Boards) without anybody noticing.


Made in Colombia

(2510) Cotix Support Board

Color: Black
  • Body: 100% Polystyrene

     Cover: 88% Nylon 12% Elastane